Diversity Quiz


We all have prejudices, even if we aren’t completely aware of them.
At the Human Library, we challenge prejudice by asking people to recognize their own unconscious biases and unjudge.
The following quiz will help you identify some of the prejudices and biases you might not even know you hold.

You will be presented with images of real Human Library Books from around the world and asked questions about them.

Please answer quickly and honestly — your instinctive reactions are the ones we want.

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  1. Refugee

    Arrow left icon
    Arrow right icon
  2. Friends Arrow left icon
    Lovers Arrow right icon
  3. Homosexual Arrow left icon
    Heterosexual Arrow right icon
  4. Muslim Arrow left icon
    Hindu Arrow right icon
  5. Ex-convict Arrow left icon
    Priest Arrow right icon
  6. Child of addicts

    Addict Arrow left icon
    Not an addict Arrow right icon
  7. Anorexic

    Arrow left icon
    Arrow right icon
  8. Autism

    Arrow left icon
    Arrow right icon
  9. Muslim

    Employed Arrow left icon
    Unemployed Arrow right icon
  10. Satanist

    Devil worshipper Arrow left icon
    Religious belief Arrow right icon
  11. Hair loss Arrow left icon
    Anarchist Arrow right icon
  12. Jewish

    Arrow left icon
    Arrow right icon
  13. Homosexual

    Promiscuous Arrow left icon
    Monogamous Arrow right icon
  14. Model

    Arrow left icon
    Arrow right icon
  15. Ex-convict

    Arrow left icon
    Arrow right icon


    Now, let’s take a look at what percentage of users chose each option. We ask you to pause, consider the facts and questions provided, and reflect on your own automatic prejudice and unconscious bias.


    We invite you to become our reader and unjudge someone at a Human Library event in person or online.

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